Individualized Workshops

Empowering Sports Corporate programming focuses on the development of leaders, motivation and understanding the next generation. Each session topic is decided between the ES Staff and the company. ES takes pride in delivering sessions to fit the needs of the client, where they are currently, to where they would like to go.

Empowering Sports Corporate Executive Golf for Women

  • Executive golf for women in management – “Dare to Golf”
  • Educational sessions geared for the development of women in the organization
  • Golf course management
    • How to be comfortable and confident in business dealings on the course
    • Be confident enough to play

1. Improving Communication

Poor communications between staff and/or clients lead to 90% of negative issues that corporations must manage. Learn how to identify and address the “real” issue so there can be difficult conversations on the front end. (Saving massive amounts of work on the back end!)

2. Motivating your workforce

How do you motivate your staff? Empowering Sports can provide strategies to help breathe life back into your employees and into your company.

3. Importance of change management techniques for cultural shifts

As technology has become integrated into everyday life, the gap between the “new” generation(s) and the older generations has drastically expanded. By identifying the major differences between generations and by bringing the strengths/limitations of each generation to the forefront, coworkers will learn how to better work together to achieve excellence.

4. Maintaining work/life balance

The corporate world is fast paced and competitive. Due to technology, there is little “off” time even when employees return home to their families. Therefore, it is vital to the success of corporations for their employees to learn how and when to decompress. Employees and staff will be taught how to do so using techniques such as progressive relaxation, cognitive restructuring, time management, and deep practice.

5. Developing leaders and managers from the Millennial Generation

Leadership training can provide innovative strategies to your employees and staff. They become more accountable, better communicators, and will create more “first followers” all of which will lead your business to excellence.