Empowering College Sports

Empowering Sports College programming is offered on campus and is designed to supplement existing development of life skills as well as education on personal brand and character/leadership development.

Why Empowering Sports?

Today’s student-athletes are unlike athletes from prior generations. College student-athletes are faced with new challenges as a result of their own environment. Due to technology, parents, and youth sports, when student-athletes step on college campuses, they are not equipped with basic life skills. Student-athletes struggle with communication, focus, motivation, work ethic and leadership both on and off the fields of play. Student-athletes are not the only people struggling. Parents have more involvement in a student-athletes life and therefore coaches and administrators are affected as well. Parents are uneducated on how to be a supportive college sport parent and Empowering Sports can help your University educate your parents. We will empower parents to be great mentors to their children and provide necessary tools to help guide both parents and student-athletes through college. But more importantly, we will enable the student athlete to be independent and confident to make their own choices.

Our staff is prepared to assist you with the continued development of your student-athletes and will create a plan to cater to their specific needs. Empowering Sports is also unique because we will be a continuing resource for your student-athletes, coaches, and administrators.

Using the resources, experience, and expertise of the professional staff of Empowering Sports, we will make a difference in the next generation. Please allow Empowering Sports to join in your efforts to make a difference in your student-athletes.


  • “Athletes with Integrity” leadership sessions

    • Session topics

    • Integrity
    • THINK – You become what you think about
    • Choices and Consequences
    • Financial Knowing
    • Personal Brand
    • Positive Self Image
    • Developing Self Confidence “I can” attitude
    • Problem Solving & Decision Making
    • Responsible Social Media
    • Positive Relationships
  • Parent Education

    • All Incoming Freshmen Parents

    • Parents’ Role

    • In their child's athletic development
    • In their child’s education
    • Expectations

    • What they can expect from the coach
    • Coaches’ expectations of parents
    • Communication (Chain of Command)

  • “Taboo” Subjects

    • Real Stories from former Student-Athletes

    • Real Conversations

    • Decision-Making

    • Consequences

  • Mentoring Female Coaches

    • Sustainability

    • Role on a team and as a part of the University

    • Safe Space

  • Life After College

    • Players going “Pro”

    • Transition into the “Real World”

    • Managing Athlete Identity Foreclosure

  • Executive Development

    • Administrators

    • Head Coaches

    • All Staff