about jen plante

Jen Plante has both an extensive and successful background in coaching and in business. Jen began her coaching career as the Assistant Director of Coaching for Eagles Soccer Club in Columbus, OH and then became the Director of Coaching at Pacesetter Soccer Club in Toledo, OH. During her coaching tenure she led several of her teams to State Championships while many of her players went on to receive scholarships from Division I Universities across the country. After much success as a DOC and club coach, Jen decided to take her talents to the collegiate ranks when she was offered the Assistant Coaching position at the University of Iowa which eventually led to the head coaching job at Northern Iowa University. However, her tenure as a college coach came to an end when she was unable to turn down an unexpected opportunity – working for Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS).

Jen was initially hired by the Atlanta Beat of the WPS as an Assistant Coach but her ability to build relationships with the community and youth clubs made her an invaluable resource in other areas. Jen was named the Director of Player and Community Relations and Director of ATL Beat Soccer Foundation where her responsibilities ranged from player outreach to developing programs for the community (emphasis on health and wellness) to fundraising.

Through her experiences with the ATL Beat and WPS, Jen decided to start her own organization, Empowering Soccer, LLC. Jen started ES due to her strong commitment to professional sports and her desire to provide young athletes with opportunities that can help them reach their excellence on and off the field. “Connecting the players of today with the players of tomorrow” is just one avenue ES will use to provide such opportunities to players across the country. After seeing the impact of Empowering Soccer on the youth community, she started Empowering Sports, LLC. Empowering Sports targets all athletic programs with the same concept in mind, using professional athletes and staff to impact the next generation of athletes through various programs provided.

Jen is a graduate from The Ohio State University where she majored in Sport Marketing and Management. She was a four- year starter on the OSU women’s soccer team where she received accolades ranging from Big Ten Freshmen of the Year to All-American.

Empowering Sports is an educational consulting firm employing world-class leaders in sport to develop unique learning experiences raising awareness of positive habits and lifestyles, enhancing the mind and empowering the next generation of leaders.

Our Executive Team

Ira Blementhal

Owner, Iraspeak
Motivational Speaker, Corporate Consulting

Lamar Campbell

Former NFL Player

Woody Gibson, PhD

Former College Coach,
Athletic Director and Professor

Bernie Mullin

Owner, The Aspire Group

Alex Pama

Owner, Pama Sports

Lori Paterson

Partner, Roger Towers Law Firm

Damon Zumwalt

Owner, Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC)

Our Athlete Team

ES staff is comprised of team executives, coaches, athletes and support staff.

Our Professional Staff

Empowering Sports staff is a professional group of individuals that specialize in many different areas.

  • Sport psychology
  • Exercise physiology
  • Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Leadership
  • Social Media
  • Financial Planning
  • Brand Awareness